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Make Sales FAST?

Times may be tough and the clock may be ticking down to the end of the month or quarter, but don’t panic!

We share with you 5 ways to increase business at any time.

Use this time to work ON the business

It is very easy as business owners to continue the habit of rolling up your sleeves and working on the urgent jobs at hand. After all, you are the specialist in what you do. However, as a business owner you must ALSO find time to work ON the business just as much as IN the business. We know – easier said than done. During these times, it is now more important than ever.

Now is the time to be creative to secure more business

1. Follow up outstanding quotes – turn your warm leads into a sale

There is no need to start from scratch. You already have a sales pipeline!

Follow up all people you have already quoted for in the last 12 months and turn those ‘warm’ leads into dollars. A lot of the work has been done – they already know you and NOW might just be the right time for that personalised call. Go on, pick up that phone.

While many are finding things tough right now, there are businesses and individuals who are investing in themselves and taking the time (they don’t usually have) to focus on what’s happening next.

If there are too many people on your list to call, try sending a professional email, SMS or bulk voice call. Yep – there’s technology to help with all of this.

If you create the opportunity to re-engage or re-quote, include a ‘call to action’ which could be a factsheet or TIPS (like this one) about the benefits of your product or service and why NOW is a great time to invest in your product or service.

And if you have them, include a testimony or two. This is an opportunity to showcase your work and other satisfied customers. It’s called ‘social proof’ and helps seal the deal.

2. Partnerships and referrals – use your contacts to create opportunities

Align yourself with other suppliers that target the same target market but offer different services. Become a preferred supplier for a complementary business. Ask for referrals and in turn recommend them to others – consider a referral incentive scheme if you have the margins, otherwise you need to be a great referrer to receive in return. So refer first!

3. Promotion – run a short term ‘sale’ to prompt quick action

Who doesn’t love a freebie or a bonus? This may seem like an obvious one, but by offering a discount, bundle, sample, additional feature or service, you may gain an edge over your competitors to secure a sale.

If you can’t discount your product or service, throw in some high value ‘FREEBIES’ that don’t cost you the earth but add significant value to the sale.

4. POST IT – Literally. Complement your digital advertising with print communication.

These days it seems to be all about digital (see tip 5), HOWEVER, sending something in the post is an effective client re-connection strategy and a great local area marketing strategy to complement your other marketing channels.

While investing in technology and digital advertising is important, customers still consume print communication more readily – even the young ones! Some even argue that print can rise above all the digital clutter. Remember that call to action, QR code or easy to contact option!

5. Get digital – make an online impression

How you present and market your business online has never been more important.

More and more people are using the internet to research products and services. In fact, 82% of Smartphone users consult their phone on purchases they are about to make and 45% read reviews before making a purchase¹.

While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital marketing, choose the channels that best suit your business and budget.

Digital marketing checklist

Website – Keep your brand and content up to date to show up in search results.

BLOGS – Write an article each month on a different aspect of your business and how you have helped your customers.

Optimise your website – There are cheaper alternatives to SEO that can help your website stand out. Seek professional help from someone WHO KNOWS YOUR INDUSTRY.

Social media marketing – Establish a presence on one or two social networks. Remember to choose your social media platform wisely. Sit in the shoes of your client and think about where they spend their time online.

Facebook – Start building your followers and making an impression on your digital footprint.

Email marketing – A cost effective way to stay in touch with your target market.

Google reviews – You have completed a great job for a client, you’ve ticked all their boxes, now ask them for a Google review!

Your best sales and marketing reps are your existing customers.

Customers trust recommendations from friends and family over any type of online marketing and advertising². In the absence of trusted recommendations, 85% of consumers trust online reviews³. Use your customer reviews to your advantage throughout your sales process.

We can assist your business at any stage to help meet your financial objectives, improve your sales potential and fund your business requirements.


1 The ROBO Economy (Research Online Buy Offline)
2 Hubspot, 11 Strategies to promote customer reviews for your brand and business
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